Say Goodbye to Dark Circles: The 7-Day Guide to Brighter Eyes

Remove Dark Circles in 7 Days

Eyes are also the language of heart. not only of heart, but your eyes are also the language of your health. If you are suffering from puffy eyes, sunken eyes or dark circles, then this blog can be very beneficial for you.

Because today I am going to explain you the reasons for which you are suffering from these problems, so that you can solve them. And I am also going to share with you very amazing remedial actions which you can do at home. And if you do these remedial actions with full dedication, then you will fall in love with your eyes.

Remove Dark Circles in 7 Days

So, let's know what to do, how to do, till which period to do, in what quality to take things, do it with full understanding, so that you can see the magic. Let's know what all needs to be done.


1.GENETICSMay be your family, your genes may be the reason.

2. ALLERGIES: May be allergies, we don't know what we are allergic to, and we apply creams to fix it.

3. SUN EXPOSURE: If you don't use sunscreen, sun blocks and let your skin exposed to sun. still, sun UV radiation can mutate your DNA now think how powerful rays they are.

4. SLEEP DEPRIVED: If you don't get enough sleep, dark circles are necessary.

5. UNHEALTHY DIET: Unhealthy diet is one of the most important reasons that your eyes get rashes, uneven skin tone, dark circles.



  • The first remedial action is very simple, do not spent any money for it, just put a thought and that is good night's sleep. 
  • See, your body repairs itself in your sleep at night, rejuvenates itself, energizes itself, all the processes in your body fix themselves very well.
  • So, at this time, if you can improve your quality of sleep, there are very simple ways, you can light a small lamp in your room before going to bed, you can keep plants in your room, you can sleep listening to your favorite music, sleep at night is very important.


Remove Dark Circles in 7 Days

  • The right angle of your pillow is everything.
  • You must have heard that there is a fluid in your body, there is a lymphatic fluid, which is also on your face, when it is more collected, sometimes around the eyes.
  • Some people have the puffiest eyes in the morning, that fluid is not collected there, but if you put the pillow at the right angle, then that fluid will not be collected, it will be properly drained.
  • So not too high pillow, not to low, just that your spine is straight, your pillow should be of the size.

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  • Drink plenty of water, whenever you have uneven skin tone, any problem around the eyes, or such problem, drink plenty of water.
  • Because drinking water all the excess toxins of the body, everything is out, and the roots of your problems get out.


  • If you have chilled water in the morning splash chilled water in your eyes and the eyes become rejuvenated, become alert and you do not have any problem through the day.
  • If you wear glasses in your eyes still cold-water splash is so good for your eyes.


Remove Dark Circles in 7 Days

  • pan
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 spoon of chamomile flowers
  • 1 big spoon aloe vera gel
  • cucumber

  • Eye cream, which I am preparing with you which is going to do magic.
  • For this you need a pan in which you have to take 1 cup of water and in this you have to take 1 spoon of chamomile flower.
  • Let it boil well in water, when approximately 2 to 3 big spoons of water are left till then let it boil well.
  • After that strain it and keep it separately to cool down this concentrated decoction that we have made this is going to go in our eye cream and it is going to make your eye skin feel so stretched.
  • In 1 bowl you have to take one big spoon of aloe vera gel you can take whatever you are comfortable with.
  • In this you have to take one cucumber, grate it well extract its juice and strain it. take 2 big spoons of this in aloe vera gel, mix it well. it will become very even.
  • And in this you have to take that decoction that we have made, mix it well till it becomes very even.
  • And after that you store it in any container and refrigerate it you will not keep it outside. (Refrigeration is a must here)


  • It is so versatile, you can use it in the morning, afternoon or at night.
  • You are free to use whenever you are comfortable.
  • It can behave differently for different skin types.
  • Our eyes do not have any sebaceous glands or oil tans so do not expect any problem.
  • But if aloe vera gel does not suit you, you can try flaxseed gel.


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