7 Fitness Habits That Will Change Your Life

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we need to remain fit the most Marvellous thing about humans is that we are all different from each other everyone is unique in so many ways at physical level, mental level, emotional level, spiritual level so it is important to find out about ourselves how to stay fit and healthy.

Good health is one of the priorities of our life because it is our swadharma our duty towards ourselves if we are fit and healthy, we do not face the miseries of sickness and pain.

7 Fitness Habits That Will Change Your Life

7 Fitness Habits That Will Change Your Life

we will give you seven tips here I would like to highlight seven ways that you may choose to stay fit, healthy and contented.

1. If you are a normal healthy person

Once in a month observe a fruit day and eat only fruits to give rest to your digestive system and improve your metabolism depending on the season there are a variety of fruits available.
Fruits are easily digestible and generate energy and alertness.

2. Water is most important element

Water is important because your body is made up of around 60% of water experts always advise you to drink sufficient water every day.
If you want to make this habit more interesting twice in a day drink warm water with pinch of salt and lemon this will detox your system naturally at regular intervals.

3. To be fit and healthy we have to be active

To be fit and healthy we have to be active and use our muscular and skeleton system once a day, practice yogasanas which stretches your spine in 6 different ways upwards, sideward bending, forward and backward bending twisting and inverse these asanas strengthen the muscles of your spine and improve your posture.

4. Breath

Breath twice a day sit or stand with your shoulders relaxed and then inhale for 3 counts and exhale for 3 counts practice 4 rounds of this breathing rhythm this kind of breathing is called as equal breathing.
It has the power to dramatically change your emotional state by inducing calmness within seconds.

5. Take a break from the constant chatter of your mind

Take a break from the constant chatter of your mind for 10 minutes every day by sitting comfortably in a quiet place preferably in open nature close your eyes make your spine straight relax your shoulders and passively observe your breathing just observe without exaggerating your breathing pattern you will experience that gradually and gradually your breathing will becomes rhythmic and your mind relaxes.


6.  In your daily schedule make it a point to give 10 minutes

In your daily schedule make it a point to give 10 minutes tend to a potted plant, decorate your windows, try some new recipes this will rejuvenate your whole being and you will find more creative ways to express yourself. 

7. Once a week involve yourself in some selfless voluntary activity

voluntary activity like helping the elderly cooking food for someone who is sick, teaching under privileged children if you look around you will find plenty of such opportunities this will help you to develop empathy for other people and definitely make you a better person.

Follow these 7 ways and discover a better fitter version of yourself you will see that the time that you devote to these activities will enrich you in many ways and finally learn to be grateful for all the blessings that you have received in this life.


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